Empowering a club with 212+ members as Director of Brand Growth and Management


Director of Brand Growth and Management


2020 - 2021


QMIND Executives


QMIND is Queen's AI and machine learning club with over 200 members and a portfolio that includes 30+ client-facing consulting teams, a published research wing, an full-year educational program, an incubator program, and a 300 delegate conference held annually in Toronto, ON.

QMIND was only created in 2018 and after it expanded expotentially in 2019, QMIND shifted the focus to "Empowering future leaders to unlock the full potential of AI". The great expansion in the size introduced challenges and opportunities to its marketing team and brand identity.


I joined QMIND 2020 executive team to direct and oversee the brand growth and management. The overall goal is to build a sustainable branding that best fits QMIND and fuels it future growth.

I proposed the brand stragety for QMIND in 2020-2021 as the following:

1. Increase brand recognition of QMIND and programs under QMIND in both QMIND members and public
2. Reduce the time spent on marketing materials while improve the quality  
3. Give a better presentation of QMIND credibility and professionalism

Brand Guideline




New Website



Wrapping Up

As QMIND is closing to wrapping up its 2020 year, the marketing and branding has come through a long run. In this year, numerous projects are created across QMIND, in QUbate, and CUCAI in our Figma workspace, with libraries shared and all hands on deck. 

With our new toll chain and workflows, QMIND produced contents faster, smoother, and more polished than ever before.


Thanks to the robust and convinient framework set up in Figma, marketing team was able to proceed at the full speed. Even the entire team was operated online, our presence and activity on social media has only boosted - having more posts and interactions in this year than all other years combined. 


Throughout the year, QMIND and the program under its umbrella maintained a consisteny and professional brand identity. The styles and designs are easily transferable to the next year and we are fully prepared to hand it off.



Managing the brand at QMIND leads me through the processes of upgrading brand identity to an existing organization, empower a team with best workflows, and how to integrate design thinking into marketing practices.

I also learned the lession that the delivery of brand design is crucial as the absolute quality control by brand director only exists in the ideal world. It is important to communicate the brand guidelines clearly upfront to who are using them.

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