Looking Glass

Designing a COVID-19 situation prediction tool


UI/UX Designer


2020 Fall, 2 weeks

The Project

Looking Glass is a Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster project that aims to provide predictive analytics to help inform decision making around the health and economic impact of COVID-19 policies. The tool is mainly targeting the decision makrers in the goverment and also available for the general public.

Looking Glass supports baseline forecast based on the current COVID-19 situation in a city for 14 or 28 days, and forecasting based on scenario, given a lockdown level and provience trend. User can also use the summary and comparative views to see the bigger picture.


In December 2020, I joined the team as UI/UX designer to help bringing the wireframe to life. The main goal is to provide an accessible way to view and interact with data as the target audience are not always data or technology experts.

Let the Data Shine

Lockdown levels
Data from the past, present, and future
Overlapping multiple data items


In 2020, the team presented Looking Glass to Canada's Digital Technology Superclusterand. The project has won CAD$2.2M investment, 12 partners, and entered partnership with municipalities in Ontario, British Columnbia, Newfoundland and Saskatchewan.

In 2021, the tool is close to full implementation and has made available to general public. It supports 7 municipalities including Toronto. Check it out in the link below!



Overall, being able to apply UI/UX design thinking to optimize the data visualization of a complex tool and making the analysis more accessible are the most fun and impactful actions coming out of this client project. 

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